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“If I had known about Dr. Dempsey when I was raising my son, I would have been a much better Father and Husband”.  Dave Raaf, Managing Partner, ReaganRadioNetwork.com & ReaganRadioStore.com

SUBJECT: Early Childhood Development and Parenting

AUDIO HOST: Dr. Jim Dempsey - Parenting Unchained & Guests 

Are you dragging chains around as you parent? If Satan has his way, you are.

All parents, especially Christians, are under attack, and Satan's deadliest weapon is deception. He shackles parents with lies, like this one: "God cares more about rules than about relationships." This deception causes a number of problems, not the least of which is a focus on our kids' behavior rather than their hearts.

Parenting Unchained helps parents break free of Satan's shackles. No matter what age your kids are, from toddlers to teens, these 40 minute audios give great Biblical, practical advice that sets parents free to enjoy their kids and bring them up God's way.



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